Path The Salt Mines of Brito: Watch of migratory waterfowl such flamencos, herons, ibis, corúas, pelicans, little sarapes, sparrow hawks, etc. Period among November and April.

15cuc a piece.

Path Bermejas Watch of birds of forest such like tocororos, carpenters, doves, parrots, bijiritas, zunzuncito, etc. Period, all year – 15cuc apiece.

Path Soplillar Watch of birds of forests such like tocororos, carpenters, parrots, bijiritas, zunzunes, etc. Period, all year 15cuc apiece.

Path Enigma of Rocks Walking for cenotes and flooded caves, some birds, reptiles and crabs, etc can see oneself. Period all year 15cuc apiece.

Path Rio Hatiguanico in boats through the river they can observe waterfowl, jicoteas, springs, fishes, etc.Periodo all the year – 19cuc apiece.

Observation specialized of birds.

Paths: Vermilion and Soplillar Watch of endemic birds like tocororos, zunzuncito, cartacuba, carpenters, doves, etc. Period: All year 19cuc apiece

Path Observación of endemic local birds Disturbs Her like the Ferminia, little goatherd of the marsh and little May of marsh. Period: All year 19cuc apiece.

Transportation in private cars.

The transportation in particular rented cars or taxis of the area oscillates between the 20cuc and 60cuc according to the time and distance to go over in the day.